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Coaching for sustainable  change.


Looking for dynamic group & 1-on-1 virtual training?

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In the search for optimal wellness and balance, you must integrate every part of your being. Mind and body, spirit and community. Your culture, thoughts, behavior, and beliefs all influence whether you will live in a state of sustainable energy or illness.

As a bilingual health coach, fitness coach and Nutritionist with a focus on behavioral change, I work with males, females and non-binary humans who are ready to improve their health, increase energy levels, shed self-limiting behaviors, cultivate positive habits and strategize behavior change.


My coaching is tailored to the individual and has been honed for over a lifetime of motivating, guiding and listening. Working with humans who have the same goal of achieving sustainable wellness and increased self-efficacy is my passion. 

My coaching is open to everyone and anyone, all cultural and ethnic diversities, all socioeconomic status, all communities and anyone in need.


"I want to guide you to find the happiness that is already within you."


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